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Fifty Shades of Spray guarantees a professional, affordable kitchen re-spraying service.


If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen but don’t particularly want or need to spend money on having new fixtures installed, a re-spray is a great way to breathe new life into your space. At Fifty Shades of Spray we deliver an efficient kitchen re-spraying service using products sourced from trusted suppliers for a guaranteed quality finish. We work on kitchens of all sizes and can accommodate almost any colour requests you may have. Our skilled team always work in the most efficient manner possible ensuring you experience minimal hassle.

At Fifty Shades of Spray we go beyond simply painting your kitchen cabinets and fixtures, we give them a smooth and strong factory finish using innovative spraying equipment.

By choosing a re-spray over a kitchen replacement, you can save up to 80%. Call Fifty Shades of Spray now for a free quote.


If you are unsure which colour would best suit your kitchen, we offer an advisory service to help you discover the best options available to you. We have painted numerous kitchens throughout our years in business and have a keen eye for identifying which colours work best in certain settings.

Advisory Service

If you’re considering having your kitchen re-sprayed, get in contact.

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